Visionary Leader

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

John 1:1

Evangelist administrator , one of the world’s most loved driving forces, Bishop E. Kamara use his spearheading vision and sense to serve others in regions reaching out past the congregation. So as to assist lead with peopling to their fate, you need to meet individuals where they are throughout everyday life.

Minister E. Kamara, one of the world’s most pioneering geniuses, uses his Passion of Christ, vision and nature to serve others in regions stretching out past the congregation. Leading individuals to their faith, meeting individuals where they are throughout everyday life. It is with this sincere methodology that Bishop Kamara has had the option to arrive at a large number of individuals from every single financial foundation, races, ethnicities, and statements of faith. Computerized media, film, and Animation, among music, have been instrumental in helping Bishop Kamara meet the divergent needs of finding souls.

In September 2020, B.E. Kamara dispatched a mentally strengthening, message that reached the soul of John LGN who was moved to make B.E. Kamara forerunner of syndicated program, LoveGodNow where Bishop enables his visitors to engage with through real discussion. As a visionary chief, B.E Kamara urges you to think in an renewed way – and dynamically – so you can make a more significant salvation experience that is genuinely your own. The maxim, “”Eat the meat and spit out the bones” is a common refrain in NAR. Typically, it means that if you hear a teacher give a questionable teaching — something that you don’t understand or that seems off somehow — ignore that particular teaching. But don’t stop listening to his other teachings.” is the bedrock of Bishop’s visionary initiative.

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